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For Companies

We offer a variety of specific hands-on projects to help you achieve your business and technology goals. These projects can be complemented by educational offerings.

Which of these you choose depends on what approach or combination is most likely to suit your needs, based on your preferences and your situation. We will gladly make recommendations of what we believe will work best for you, once we have developed an understanding of your company and its present situation.

Specifically, we can provide:

  • Customer analysis - help you understand who your current customers are and what they want from you
  • Competitor analysis - help you understand who your competitors are and why they get business that you don't
  • Market analysis - help you understand what market niches you really serve, and what their (and your) real potential is for making money in them
  • Product development, especially the front end - help you understand whether there are customers for your new product, before you spend a lot of money on technical developments or manufacturing
  • Sales and territory management - help you understand the sales manager's job and how to do the things needed to direct the sales force to profitable sales, not just sales volume
  • Selling strategies and channel management - help you understand what distribution channels to use and why
  • Integrated marketing communication - help you understand how to communicate with your customers and prospects by making sure all the messages you send are aligned with your business goals and objectives
  • Marketing planning - help you link your marketing and sales efforts to the company's budget
  • Technology evaluation - help you assess whether a given technology will work for the applications and products you have in mind

When our work is completed, you will have the ability to apply this yourself.


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