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Materials - ceramics, glass, metals, polymers, and their combinations - are the means by which many companies capture and sell value. Their structural, electronic, optical, magnetic, and thermal properties make possible many of the modern products and services we have today. The ability to manipulate and control atoms and molecules on the macro-, micro-, and nano-scale is the essence of materials science and engineering. Nanotechnology, the ability to work at 100 nm or less, is at heart a materials science and engineering art. The range of properties and processes available is enormous.

From ancient artifacts of clay and glass to current products based on semiconductors and composites to future devices for medical and optical applications, materials are a part of our past and future worlds. Understanding and communicating the risks and opportunities associated with new combinations and new applications requires in-depth knowledge and an ability to translate science and engineering "geek-speak" into language that investors can understand and appreciate.

Phase 3 helps investors minimize risk and maximize opportunity by providing independent evaluations of key materials technology and related issues, problems, and opportunities. Working with your investment team, we provide the information you need to conduct a thorough risk analysis on the technology to complement the financial and market due diligence you already conduct.

We offer a variety of specific hands-on projects to help you reduce your risk and achieve your investment goals.

Which of these you choose depends on what approach or combination is most likely to suit your needs, based on your preferences and your situation. We will gladly make recommendations of what we believe will work best for you, once we have developed an understanding of your investment opportunities. (Note: in the text below, when we refer to "your portfolio companies" we mean those companies already in your portfolio as well as prospective additions to it.)

Specifically, we can provide:

  • Technology due diligence - reduce your investment risk through an assessment of whether a given technology will work for the applications and products promised
  • Technology roadmap opportunities - Identify technology, product, service, and business model opportunities contained in technology roadmaps that match your investment criteria
  • Customer analysis - review your portfolio companies' customers and prospects and whether those customer sets can be expected to meet the financial goals
  • Competitor analysis - review your portfolio companies' competitors and how they may impact your investment
  • Market analysis - Review what market niches your portfolio companies really serve, and what their (and your) real potential is for making money in them
  • Product development, especially the front end - Reduce your risk by reviewing whether your portfolio companies have really done their up-front homework on whether there are customers for the new product, before they (and you) spend a lot of money on technical developments or manufacturing

When our work is completed, you will better understand your investment risks and opportunities. You may also have a better sense of what can go wrong, and how to ameliorate the risks and accelerate the opportunities.


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