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What You Can Expect as a Client of Phase 3 Consulting LLC

Our clients are great!

We work with superb clients. Our greatest success is in watching you - owner, manager, or investor - gain new understanding of your businesses and investments in them. We love to watch you use that understanding to achieve positive, profitable outcomes.

We expect your best!

You hired us because you want to achieve greater success. We are prepared to support you as you discover and explore new territory or rediscover old. It is our job to help you identify the "what" and the "how" of moving you closer to your business and technology goals, and help you remove the barriers that stop or slow the process.

We make direct requests!

As your advisor, we will help you identify actions to move your business toward your goals. We will make requests that will extend beyond your current comfort zone. You may accept, negotiate, or decline our requests and examine what would prevent you from taking an action. We are here to support you, but we expect to use fact-based decision-making, not just intuition or "gut-feel."

We give it to you "straight"!

Working with us is really about helping you discover what needs to happen, based on facts, not on fantasies. As we go down the path together, we will offer suggestions based on our own experiences and knowledge. We may see something you are unable to see at the moment, and we will say so. What we say may "fit," it may not. Regardless, use the best of what we offer you. Always apply your own judgment to what we say, after all, this is your business and these are your investments.

We will challenge you!

If we hear a recurring theme coming through in our conversations, a funny tone in your voice, or something amiss, we'll ask you about it. Often this is where shifts will occur in your perceptions, and as such, you may come to a new understanding of a situation or your business. We both need to know what's going on in these moments. Our relationship is built on trust, and understanding the real situation supports you.

We provide fieldwork that furthers your plans!

Phase 3 is about getting you to take actions and the fieldwork supports your understanding and development of technology and business. We will usually ask you to create at least one action step to take between each get-together. This is one place where direct requests appear. Reviewing fieldwork - yours and ours - gives us a good starting point to examine your business' strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities you might pursue, as well as the threats to it.

We want you to use us and learn from us!

As your advisor, we are a resource, a sounding board, your champion, and a trusted partner in your business. Use us as the professional resource that we are, and recognize that we're here to help learn to do things for yourself, not be a permanent drain on your business.


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