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Customer and Market Analysis Services

Phase 3 Consulting LLC can help you analyze your portfolio company's customer sets to make sure they're ones who will be most valuable customers. Whether your company is looking for its first customers, "crossing the chasm" or diversifying its customer base, you want assurance that they're looking at the right customers. The projects detailed below are designed to help you manage risk by looking closely at the customers and prospects contained in your portfolio companies' marketing plans.

(Note: when we refer to "portfolio companies" we mean those companies already in your portfolio as well as prospective additions to it.)

Most Valuable Customer/Prospect Analysis

We help create a most valuable customer (MVC) or prospect (MVP) list, based on profitability and other factors important to achieving success. The lists can be used to create a profile suitable for searching in a variety of databases such as Dunn & Bradstreet.

Account Segmentation

The data from the MVC/P lists can be organized in a variety of ways to help determine which market niches or segments are worth pursuing and in what order.

Market Niche Analysis

Knowing the real profit and sales potential is a key factor in deciding how to prioritize which markets to pursue. The MVC/P analysis, together with the account segmentation and some additional research can be used to determine the real size of a market niche in terms of sales volume and profitability.


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