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Materials Science & Technology
Due Diligence

Phase 3 Consulting LLC can provide you with an independent evaluation of the key materials technology issues and problems associated with your investments.

The projects below are designed to provide you with information you need to conduct a thorough technology risk analysis to complement your financial and market due diligence. We cover ceramics, glasses, metals, polymers, and composites. We can examine properties and processes. We can also link the proposed product/process improvements to advantages wanted by customers or markets identified in the company's marketing plan through Phase 3's marketing services for companies. (Note: in the text below, when we refer to "your portfolio companies" we mean those companies already in your portfolio as well as prospective additions to it.)

Secondary Source Reviews

Data from published sources relating to the materials technologies being used or proposed by companies in your investment portfolio is collected and analyzed in combination with other existing information to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the technology, identify key barriers or roadblocks to successful commercialization or manufacturing, and, where possible, recommend alternate solutions.

Primary Source Consultations

Building on information gathered through secondary research, Phase 3 conducts primary research and analysis for your investment team. Projects may involve interviews or written surveys of experts or other individuals and groups. Examples of possible research projects include:

  • Comparative Ranking Surveys: Experts are asked to rank the technology of your portfolio company against competitive technologies on key performance criteria.
  • Benefit/Advantage Interviews: These interviews are designed to uncover the value your portfolio company's technology can provide to its customers and the criteria used in their decision-making.
  • Value-in-Use Studies: Look at how your portfolio company's technology would be used in service to determine the factors and savings that really matter to customers, compared to those of competing technologies.

On-Site Visits and Analyses

Phase 3 conducts on-site reviews and analyses of the technology, either independently or with your investment team. Information collected during this process may be complemented with additional primary or secondary data.


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