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Product Development Services

Your portfolio companies will likely live or die, depending on their ability to successfully develop and bring new products to market. Phase 3 Consulting LLC can help you better manage your risks with a number of product development services listed below.

(Note: in the text below, when we refer to "your portfolio companies" we mean those companies already in your portfolio as well as prospective additions to it.)

  • Review and analysis of the up-front homework your portfolio companies have done on customers, markets, and competitors before they (and you) spend a lot of money on technical developments or manufacturing.
  • Help put a product development process in place to help the companies (and you) sort through the wealth of product development opportunities that will present themselves as the companies grow. This process is based on a disciplined set of steps appropriate to each company's stage of development and simple, repeatable criteria for decision-making. The criteria include both technical and market factors.
  • Conduct post-launch reviews to see what went right in your portfolio companies' product developments and what didn't. Use this information for the next round to improve the process and the execution.

Together, these services help you reduce your risk by looking for obvious and not-so-obvious flaws in marketing and product development planning documents. Finding out that there are already viable solutions in the marketplace after you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on technical developments is an awful feeling. That’s especially true when a quick, pre-development review could have told you that this money would have been better spent somewhere else.



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