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Who We Are

We bring over 25 years of experience in materials science and engineering, business-to-business marketing and management awareness to you. We can and will bring in other experts as needed. Our know-how lies in helping you achieve profitable growth by following a robust, systematic and proven process for understanding customers, markets, competitors, and technologies. You use that understanding to focus and improve your efforts.

The Core of Our Business

We are in the business of helping you, whether owner, manager, or investor

  • Understand and focus your efforts on profitable companies, market niches and customers
  • Think strategically about market niches and how to find them
  • Make better business decisions, based on your knowledge of customers, markets, competitors, and technologies.

We accomplish this by helping you apply fundamental principles to your business using a robust and well-documented process.

Our Philosophy

The ultimate responsibility for understanding customers, markets, competitors, and technologies cannot be outsourced! These are the keys to your business investments and their success. We can help you gather and examine that information. We can help you work through it to determine how best to use it to achieve profitable growth. We do this together, because those individuals who must act on it must be intimately familiar with it, and create the actions needed to capture the opportunities that result from it.

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